About Us


ELAZSS GROUP is an entitiy focused on production of market segment on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable living, and social justice produtcs. ELAZSS GROUP is built up since the year of 2011. ELAZSS GROUP is a health care product OEM/ODM manufacturer, which specializing in distributing product in powder, capsule, tablet and liquid forms. We have the technical resources and advanced facilities to provide private label and customized services for customers to meet the trend of modern products. ELAZSS GROUP group has own manufacturer and printing company to provide one-stop service to our precious customers.

ELAZSS GROUP is made up with a wide range of experience in the fields of nutrition, research and development and quality control. ELAZSS GROUP believes in continuous human resource training and knowledge upgrading. ELAZSS GROUP adhere to providing high quality products at reasonable and economical prices by building strong and personalized customer relationships that ensure long-term mutual success based on integrity, quality and superior service.


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